Anti-Aging Program

Life & Sun Clinic offers an advanced program of anti-aging medicine and studies and longevity treatments, with the latest developments in biological medicine, anti-aging products, and accurate diagnosis of cell and oxidation status.

Why do some people age faster than others? 
How do our cells work? Do we oxidize rapidly? 
Are we at risk of suffering from cancer? Can we avoid it? 
How to have more energy, vitality and lucidity beyond the 80s?

All these questions have answers and AntiAgeing Medicine is responsible for studying and solving these vital issues in a scientific and effective way.

The AntiAgeing Programs are individualized and include:

  • Medical evaluation Antiageing
  • Study of the cellular state and defenses
  • Study of hormonal status and systems
  • Diagnosis of cellular oxidation and genetic risk
  • Diagnosis of the rhythm, causes and degree of accelerated aging.
  • Techniques of physical, mental, energetic and spiritual balance
  • Wellness and Revitalization Activities
  • Ozone therapy and Detox treatments
  • Final recommendations and personal plan Annual Angiageing

All Life & Sun Clinic Antiageing programs are supervised by our specialists in:

  • Anti-aging and Longevity Medicine
  • Ozone therapy and biological medicine
  • Natural and Energy Area