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The Life & Sun Clinic team consists of a selection of medical, surgical, fitness, tourism management and international relations professionals with a huge amount of experience in their own specialist areas. All members of the team work every day towards the same goal: To offer everyone who places their trust in us the best experience, the best...

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01 de April de 2014
Life & Sun Clinic has reached a partnership agreement with leading German tourism consortium TSS Group, aimed at generating incoming visitor flows from Germany for medical treatment, check-ups, su...
24 de February de 2014
Life & Sun Clinic will be an Official Sponsor of the 4th Marbella 4Days Walking event, planned for 9, 10, 11 and 12 October 2014, providing walkers with medical support, ambulances, first-aid serv...


Life & Sun Clinic

Life & Sun Clinic es un centro médico avanzado que desarrolla un nuevo concepto en medicina, bienestar y cuidados personales, ofreciendo al mismo tiempo, todas las especialidades médico-quirúrgicas, así como programas de Wellness, Fitness, Revitalización, Adelgazamiento, Estética, Centro Cardiovascular, Chequeos y Bienestar. Nuestro equipo lo conforma una selección de profesionales de prestigio a nivel...

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Hotel Gran Melía Don Pepe,
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+34 952 77 00 56
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